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Dear Pet Lover,


It's one of the most difficult dilemmas a pet lover has to face…



You are at the vet's office, discussing the cost of treatment with your vet, and suddenly he lays it on you. The total cost of the treatment will be over $2,900…


You look at your spouse, and you are both silently thinking… "We can't afford this!"


Because your pet is part of your family, your options seem very limited. 


After all these years of loving your pet, sadly, it all comes down to whether you can afford a $2,900 vet bill that might determine his fate.


So you do what 92% of Americans are forced to do in this situation, you get out your credit cards and figure: “I'll pay it off later”.



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But... It didn't have to be that way!


That's because if you had purchased pet insurance beforehand, most of that $2,900 bill would be reimbursed by your pet insurance company and you would NOT have to go into long-term debt for it! That is more money you will have to invest in real estate. Read reviews on one of the best real estate summits and training, Scott Yancey review.  


If you've never had to deal with the above scenario, you're one of the lucky ones.


According to PetPlace.com, the total first-year costs of a dog can be as high as $1,825 - and yearly costs can be as much as $945.


A large chunk of your ordinary pet expenses are due to veterinary care: lab tests, physical exams, immunizations as well as internal and external parasite treatment and control.


Occasionally, however, a pet will fall victim to a more serious accident or suffer an unexpected illness that requires comprehensive medical care, or worse, surgery.


It is in these more-serious situations that a good pet insurance plan comes to your rescue...


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I realize it can be a confusing topic to the average person!


A simple Internet search will generate many results - but most of them are from pet insurance companies that just want to sell you their product, no questions asked.




How do you know that their pet insurance plan offers the correct benefits for your pet's particular needs?


How do you know that the pet insurer is stable and will be there to pay the veterinary claim when it counts the most, when your pet is injured or sick?


And, most importantly, how do you know you're making the right pet insurance choice today for your pet's future?



The bottom line is, you don't... Unless you do some serious research into the world of real estate investing, visit Dean Graziosi's website!


Well, fortunately, I've done that serious pet insurance research for you and my research is available to you right here, right now. (Even if you're reading this at 11 PM on a Sunday night)


My name is Mike Riley and I work as an analyst for a leading pet insurance comparison / review website.


Not only do I take an unbiased approach to pet insurance, but I also do not recommend any one company over another. (That's because just as each pet is different, each pet insurance plan is also different) I cannot stress enough the importance of personalizing your pet insurance plan to your particular pet's needs - and that's what you will discover in this information.


The Truth About Pet Insurance - 45-Page Guide  

My simple guide, "The Truth About Pet Insurance" will walk you through the sometimes intimidating world of pet insurance in a very easy-to-understand manner.


“The Truth About Pet Insurance” is a brand-new printable guide that you can instantly download (save) to your computer desktop and benefit from immediately. 


As soon as payment is made, you will be taken to the download page where you will be shown exactly how to save the e-book to your computer and begin benefiting from it, instantly.






 You will know exactly which questions to ask of any pet insurance company, so that you can get the best coverage for your pet, period.  


You know, insuring your pets - while critically important - is not something to be taken lightly. One wrong decision could end up costing you a tremendous amount of stress and thousands of dollars in unpaid vet claims!  




“The Truth About Pet Insurance” includes the following intriguing details - details the pet insurance industry does not want you to know:




Where you can get Backsplash Ideas!



What is "economic euthanasia"? And how you can easily prevent it...



The "hidden discount" you must know about that the pet insurance phone rep may not volunteer...



The key pieces of information you must have to get your free pet insurance quotes



Did you know - the number of pets insured in the United States (1.4 million) is increasing rapidly? Why this is a good thing for you



Have an unusual pet? The amazing list of pets that can be covered by pet insurance - tortoises, hamsters, reptiles, alpacas, pigs and sheep (and many, many more!)


Researched FACT SHEETS on 5 of the top pet insurance companies


For example:


The pet insurance company that covers a broad range of pets, including reptiles and exotic animals



The pet insurer that is underwritten by Lloyd's of London and is the only company that allows you to customize your plan



The only pet insurer that offers congenital and hereditary disease coverage with no dollar or time limits per condition



Have a new puppy or kitten? The specialty pet insurer that offers incredible savings because they specialize in only insuring kittens and puppies under the age of one



The pet insurer that offers the largest variety of plan choices



The pet insurer that offers the highest lifetime limits - as high as $100,000



 The Truth About Pet Insurance - 45-Page Guide


There is no way you can put a price on having peace of mind; the peace of mind that says: 


"I can afford any emergency vet bill that comes my way.. and, in the event of an emergency, I can take care of my pets in the way they deserve to be cared for!"


Order "The Truth About Pet Insurance", our 45-page guide today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you've taken excellent care of your pets!





My 60-Day, No-Questions-Asked 

Money Back Guarantee:


I guarantee that you will benefit from the information in "The Truth About Pet Insurance" or I will immediately refund your payment!


If you decide this guide is not for you, for whatever reason, within the first 60 days, simply e-mail me with your refund request and I will refund your payment, no questions asked.


That's how much I believe in this Special Report!








How To Compare 

Pet Insurance Plans


Comparing pet insurance plans does not have to be difficult! This 17-Page Special Report will take you by the hand as you begin your research into the best pet insurance plan for your pets. 


This printable guide will show you exactly how to compare benefits, premiums and other important factors so that you get the best possible plan for your pet.


$9.95 value - Yours FREE





The Truth About Pet Insurance - 45-Page Guide


Order "The Truth About Pet Insurance"  




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I sincerely hope that you will take advantage of this offer to learn - in a quick and simple way - what you need to know about pet insurance - before you buy a plan!


I believe you could not only save a lot of money, but more importantly you could rest assured that you are making a solid decision for your pets.


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